Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wednesday Night Ride picking up.

Thanks to Aaron for pulling me out to Satillo Road. Even though we were cruising at 17-18 mph my heart beat was making the ribs hurt. Saw Chet from UNL Cycling coming back from what seemed like a group ride. Join us next time!
Wednesdays 6pm at S. 27th and Hwy2 (North bridge).
We take off at 6pm.


Steve C said...

Yo Adrian (always wanted to say that), I'm out of the loop, what is wrong with your ribs?

adrian said...

I've never heard that before...hmmm wonder what it means.
Playing racquetball. Cartiledge seperation and deep bruising.

Steve C said...

Ouch. Is it getting better? How long is the projected recovery time?
I played racquetball competitively as a kid, then in early high school I dislocated my shoulder running into the wall. ( I tripped, it was not intentional, I'm not that dumb).

I would assume riding, although perhaps painful, should not cause it any further harm.

adrian said...

2-3 weeks recovery. It felt worse the 3rd day (yesterday). Had to convince the wife that it was ok to ride. So I can't complain about it in front of her now.

Aaron said...

Your welcome for the pull!

Steve C said...

Ride on Sunday, it will do you good :)
Take care, rest up!
Steve C