Saturday, September 9, 2006

Elmwood-Murdock Race

The weather agreed with the first few hours of the race and it began under almost perfect racing conditions. The race saw what some are billing as the greatest performance in the Elmwood-Murdock Cat 5 Race ever by a native New Yorker, as LT placed (about 17) in a Cat 5 field that went about 45 deep. He finished about halfway back in the lead pack, which managed to keep a strong enough pace throughout the race to prevent any breakaways (35 miles in 1:31), and which also managed to split the field in half.

In their pre-race warmup, LT and Emory rode with such a focus and such a high pace, that Emory scared off the rest of Nebraska's youths from even bothering to enter the race, as they all knew they'd be racing for second. Emory rode well, but did much of the race alone due to the pace set by the Cat 5's. However, at the end of the day, he was victorious!

Janna also rode quite well, and I believe won the Cat 4 womens. Brent, Doug, and Jason were other friendly and familar faces from Lincoln, and all 3 finished in the front pack of the Cat 5's.

PS - LT thinks it's great to write about himself in the 3rd person.
PPS - He also will post links to more pictures in the next day or so. And if he doesn't, tell him he should.


adrian said...

Emory - did the jersey not fit? And congrats man!!!

LT said...

In today's crit, I took 6th. . . of 7. With a lap and a half to go a 3 man break emerged, and then a 2 man, and I just couldn't bridge the gap to the 2 man group. But Team FIRE was represented yet again. Also it appears my "official" finish in yesterday's race now stands at 20th, although I'm pretty sure I was higher. But, too late for appeals.

adrian said...

Nice job LT! Post more pics.

4cyclin said...

Thanks for the picture(s) LT. You did a great ride. Oh yea, and for being my carrot in the last couple hundred meters to the line.

emory said...

i never even got the jersey so if your missing a jersey its not at my house
i checked skype but you were never on when i was

LT said...

I've gotten the pictures together, and posted them
here. This website automatically resizes pictures when you look at them in the galler, but you can download the "original" or full size pictures if you'd like. Or if you'd like to see if I have more of a certain group of pictures, let me know, and I'll check it out.

monkeygirl said...

Lt, those are awesome, thanks for getting them up so quickly and congratulations everybody.

Steve C said...

Nice going folks! It was great seeing you out there. I didn't see any of you Sunday but the timing was such that our races were at different times. Well done. See you this Wednesday?

Ho fo sho said...

1. Emory/LT GREAT JOB!

2. Emory I looked for 3636 late friday night and I could not see the house numbers...either because there were no street lights or because I had too many diet cokes.

Unfortunately I did not have any contact information for you to arrange a jersey exchange. Thanks for making such a great showing in your first race!

DID YOU KNOW that FIRE stands for "First in Racing Experiance?"

You guys are EXACTLY what this team stands for and this was our vision when Adrian and I created teamFIRE.


Ho fo sho said...
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emory said...

ho fo sho- its fine that you couldn't get me the jersey i only cried for like half an hour max lol jk but it was still a great experience maybe next race i'll get to represent teamFIRE i didn't know thats what the fire in teamFIRE meant thats pretty cool