Friday, September 1, 2006

Road Trip - 2nd Edition

So here are more formal details for Sunday's trip to preview the Murdock course. If you'd to catch a ride in a car (along with bike transportation) meet at the ShopKo/Arby's parking lot on Hwy 2/27th St at 8:30 AM. For those meeting us in Murdock, we should be at the School parking lot on Wyoming St at ~9:15.

This is a map of what I think the course looks like according to the Nebraska Cycling News description of the race (Note: My map only has 1 loop, and the number of loops will depend on your race, each loop is ~10 miles).

Some people will come, ride a few loops, some will come, ride a loop and disappear to go eat a nicely earned lunch of bacon grease. So come one, come all, it should be a good time.

If I have you in the wrong category below or I am missing you, please post a comment so you don't get left behind (Sorry if I'm only listing you by your screen name, I still don't know all of you or I know you and don't know what your screen name is).

People I think are going by car:
LT (1 person/1 bike - 1 car)
monkeygirl (2 persons/1 bike - 1 car)
Adrian (1 person/1 bike)
Janna (1 person/1 bike)

So this currently leaves 2 open spots for people looking for bike/transportation from Lincoln to Murdock.

People I think are meeting us in Murdock:

Questions? Comments? Throw up a post and I'll check throughout the day on Saturday.


monkeygirl said...

sounds right to me, and I was just kidding about the bacon grease, it kills my aging stomach, I will stick with you guys, as your mini cooper support car;).

KimC said...

Thanks for organizing this. If it is raining, I will probably bail out-I got my fill of riding in the rain today!

Byekin said...

I'll bail too if it's raining, but only a 20% chance of that. I am looking forward to the bacon (fat, grease, and all).