Sunday, September 24, 2006



Taco Ride Thursday, Sept. 28

Weather permitting, Janna, Kim C. and I are headin' up to Iowa's Wabash Trail for their weekly Taco Ride. Come one, come's a lot of fun. We want to ride at least to Silver City and then to the restaurant in Mineola, then back. If I remember right, it's about 25 miles total(?), something like that. Many people leave the trailhead at 6pm or after, we're planning on around 5-5:30pm. Lights needed, obviously.


monkeygirl said...

what is the bike for this ride?

nicol said...

Your hybrid would be perfect. I am taking my old mountain bike. Janna's got a mountain bike. Kim's taking her cross bike. It's crushed gravel, just like the Mopac. Hope you can come!