Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wednesday Ride - 5:45PM

Because of the fading sunlight, the 6PM ride is being slowly rolled back as the year wanes on. Thus this week, and each following Wednesday until announced here on your official source for TeamFIRE news, the ride will depart the trail corners of Hwy 2 and 27th at 5:45 PM.

And what will become of those of us who can't make this new start time? Will we be forced to languish solo on the mean streets of Lincoln? No! Well, at least I hope not, since I will probably be unable to make 5:45 myself. If the 5:45 group rolls out south on the trails at a moderate pace to 14th St, and then to 77 (as in the past few weeks), then those arriving late will be able to catch up with a little extra work early. If the route is to be changed, or if people want to suggest a better way to arrange this, please comment away.


adrian said...

If the winds are strong out of which ever direction I say we go that way. For example, a strong northwest wind - ride towards Pioneers Park. If not then do the Hwy77 to Roca.

Steve C said...

I won't be there the next two weeks as I have business meetings both Wednesdays.

One option - we could, after the time change, meet at 84th Street on the MOPAC trail and do a 'light-aided' ride. We could meet at 6pm then. Just a thought.

c_c_rider said...

i'd say keep the route the same, so late-comers can always catch up. headwind at the beginning = better workout. it's all good.

later on, and as it gets colder, mopac with lights would be good.