Friday, October 27, 2006

teamFIRE Massage Therapist

teamFIRE (Lincoln) licenesed massage therapist is Michelle Michener.
For information please feel free to post comments and or questions.


gravy said...

How much?

Ever since Lad left UNL I've been reluctant to detensify my ailing back.

michenerm said...

$30 for a half hour
$45 for a hour
$60 for a hour and a half.

I am a mobile massage therapist, so I come to you.

adrian said...

Is that for back only? What about legs only?

gravy said...

Neat. Do I need to buy a massage table first?

michenerm said...

No need to buy a table first. I provide everything, sheets, cream and the table.

It doesn't cost more to do one body part than a different body part. The price difference is in time only. When I do a half hour, I massage one body part. It's usually the back but it really depends on the client and their needs. A hour is usually 2-3 body parts, Back, legs and arms. A hour and a half is full body, back, both sides of the legs, arms and neck. Of course it really depends on what the client wants. It's important to be realistic in the time frame that you want. If you only want a half hour, it's tough to work more than one body part.

michenerm said...

Another thing I should mention, is that usually the client is unclothed while getting the massage. Please keep in mind that the client is under the sheet at all times and only the body part being massaged is exposed. The rest is covered. When disrobing, I am not in the room. I always step out when my clients get undressed and when they get dressed again. At times, clients do wish to stay clothed. This is fine. The massage technique is more like compressions rather than deep tissue strokes.