Sunday, November 26, 2006

BRAN 2007

Got the following information from the BRAN website...

At tonight's BRAN committee meeting we received a peek at the full route for BRAN 27. This is going to be a very CHALLENGING ride! There will be lots of hills this year so if you are a 'hills fanatic' this is the ride for you!
Here is the route including the towns we will be going through:

Start Date: June 10th in Gordon, NE to Hyannis (SUNDAY)

Hyannis to Tryon (6/11-MONDAY)

Tryon to Merna (6/12-TUESDAY)

Merna to Ord (6/13-Wednesday)
*Comstock Windmills

Ord to Fullerton (6/14-Thursday)

Fullerton to Brainard (6/15-Friday)
*Silver Creek
*Rising City

Brainard to Waterloo (6/16-Saturday)

Total mileage is about 452 miles...much of it in the form of hills. Here is the approximate mileage between the host towns:

Sunday-Gordon to Hyannis 82.1 miles
Monday-Hyannis to Tryon 71 miles
Tuesday-Tryon to Merna 68.7 miles
Wednesday-Merna to Ord 57.7
Thursday-Ord to Fullerton 58.4
Friday-Fullerton to Brainard 70.6
Saturday-Brainard to Wahoo 43.5


KimC said...

Thanks for the info, Byekin! The route sounds great and I love hills! Cherry County is pretty cool-not many people out that way.
I'll be there and hope some other Lincoln folks will be too!

monkeygirl said...

bran committee meeting? hmmmm that sounds very official. Still doing TDN next year?

Byekin said...

No I did TDN last year. Will most likely do BRAN next summer. Entry information should be coming out in a month or so. Also will definitely do Triple Bypass in Colorado - July 14, 2007 as I have some unfinish business to attend to.

KimC said...

Triple Bypass sounds very tempting!

adrian said...

I'm in for the Triple...anyone else?