Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Windy Ride

Aaron called to ride at 1 but couldnt so Jace & I decided to make up for it. Boy did we...headed North toward the Devaney Center with the tailwinds making us feel like we were conquering the trails. Ran into Allen from UNL Cycling Club and rode for bit. We hit Haymarket park and the winds began to whoop our butts! WOW-must have been 30 mph headwinds or somthin'! On our way down the Jamaica I believe we crossed paths with "3PO" & Company. We have never "officially" met but I have heard that he looks like BIG George Hincapie (team Discovery) and this guy really really did. So "3PO" if that was you then you went by Adrian(red windbreaker/Trek) and Jace (dark grey fleece/yellow Cannondale) heading South. Jace took the Old Cheney route back because of time constraints so I decided to keep going south until the whiterock turned into red. The way back into town was awesome. Turned out to be a great day for a spin!

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gravy said...

Yes, that was most likely the CVO, resident 3P0.