Monday, April 2, 2007

New Kid on the Blog

Hi guys! Adrian invited me to your blog.
I am actually living in Bellevue and up to a really short time ago, I was (and still am) a Mountain Bike Chica:) I started racing in the Psycowpath MTB Series last year and I will do that this year again.
My blogger name VeloCC stands for my first and middle initial: Christine Charlotte= CC (so much shorter) and the Velo, I added, after I bought my fourth bike in December, my "Roadie", a Trek Pilot 2.1, that you see on the picture. I wanted a road bike for while to be able to mix up my rides.
Well, Friday, I actually went for my first road ride and I have to say I am loving it:)) It is nice, not having to worry about log crossings, rock gardens or other "bike-eating" obstacles...

I heard you guys are doing group rides and I would love to join you sometime to work a bit more on my road legs.
I think though, I have to get used to my Roadie some more first.


Adrian_O said...

Welcome VeloCC. Rides are: Mondays at 6pm from Blues (s.33rd & Pioneers Blvd; Wednesdays at 5:45 (prompt) from s.27th & hwy2 (north bridge). Sat and Sun depends. Will always post on the blogs.

gravy said...

Yay! Another roadie rookie! I am not alone!

I just got a road bike two weeks ago and I've a lot to learn.

nicol said...

Congrats on your new bike and you should come for a ride with us!

VeloCC said...

Thanks guys:) Good to hear that I am not the only "newby". I probably won't make it this week. Lots of stuff going on and I might have friends come in from out of town, but I will try to join you sometime nexy week.

Jason said...

I am a bike-eating obstacle.