Wednesday, May 30, 2007

teamFIRE Ride Tonight

When: Today (Wednesday)
Time: 5:45pm (take off at 5:59ish or when Janna gets there)
Where: S.27th & Hwy2 (north bench)
What: Ride a good 1.5 hours at a moderate pace.


I want to see green jerseys people!


Nikemom said...

Hey green jersey people, can I join teamFIRE so I can be a green jersey people too??? :)

monkeygirl said...

hey Adrian green jerseys are catching on. I know you saw nate rockin one over on the ffl.

Adrian_O said...

Nikemom - OF COURSE! We green people want to take over the world!bwahahaha!

Nikemom said...

ohhhh - I'm in - I'm in - HOW do I get in? :) email me with details thx

K Olivera said...

When do I get my YHVH teamFire T-shirt?

bryan said...

Even I want one, and I'm not on the team.