Monday, June 18, 2007

Third Medal

Got my third 1st place medal on Saturday at the XC race in Trenton, MO.
I was the only women in my class to race, so it was an easy win, but I still raced for 11 miles in 90 degrees over a partially difficult course with very rocky sections and had major shifting problems, that turned my bike into a singlespeed.....
This race put me in the overall lead in the points with only one race left on July 1st.

I don't think, I can be reached any more:)


Adrian_O said...

A win is a win! Great Job Christine! Racing in 90 degree heat is no easy task.

MG said...

Nice racin' Christine. It was great to see you Saturday.


nicol said...

Great picture! Congrats on your achievement! :)

LoupGarou said...

Great job Christine.