Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday night Ride


When: Wednesday (Today)
Where: S.27th & Hwy2 (north bridge)
Time: 5:45 (Roll out at 5:55-ish)
Route: Our usual route is down s.14th to Satillo to Pioneers Park.

This is a slower paced ride for beginners. Everyone is welcomed.

***We ask that you please ride with caution and pay attention to traffic at all times.


Adrian_O said...

WOW was it WIIIINNDDYYYY! Thanks to Chad, Kyle, Greg, Janna and Gravy for coming out!

da terminator said...

Tough Pedal! Hit 45mph on the way home so it was worth it.

Adrian_O said...

I only hit 63.5...not too bad.

da terminator said...

Adrain, please...this was a recovery ride. You should have kept it under 50.

gravy said...

Eh... I thought Wednesday's ride was a breeze.

A really big breeze.