Sunday, July 1, 2007

MetO! MTB Challenge

Thanks to Adrian, did I ride this weekend for the first time in team colors:) It was the last year's jersey, but it was noticed:)
The Heartland Series Race got rained out and canceled and therefore can I say now, that I won my category, since there won't be a reschedule and the series is finished.
Since we had a race just out side out front door, did Martin and I go do the MetrO! MTB Challenge.

This challenge is not for points. It's just for fun and so I decided to ride a class higher in sport to get a better work-out in.
The race didn't start until 3pm, which cut right into my nap time or something else was missing, but when that start sign went off, my body didn't feel that spark to race...
Maybe because I know Swanson so well, I don't know. I did go pretty fast and I had to slow myself down to get into a pace that I could keep up for two laps. After about 20 min, I started to feel more comfy and then I just hung in there...sounds easy, ey?!

Anyway, I made even a win out of it and so I am hoping, I can hold on to my lucky loaner jersey, until I get my own (that should me a size smaller/-18lbs showing their effects on my clothing size/) for the next weekend at Lake Manawa, for the next Psycowpath race...


Adrian_O said...

Yes- hold on to that jersey!!!

VeloCC said...

Sweet! Thanks:)