Sunday, July 15, 2007

Teamfire at the Papio Crit

Janna on the podium!!!

Whooooweeeeee!!!! It was a hot son of a gun Saturday afternoon. Lets have a bike race in the heat of the day. What a grand idea. NOT!! This was a first annual criturim in Papillion and I would say what a great course. You started going up hill and then a left uphill again and then hang on cause it's a long down hill another left at about 30mph+ and then the "turn" not sure how to describe it but it was quite deceiving at first glance very sharp and short. The men 5 open started at 4:00pm. 18 of us in the hunt to lay it down. And lay it down they did. Whistle blew and it was i swear a full on sprint to the top of the hill and we never looked back. This went on for about 10 laps or so. Every one was so spread out I wasn't sure who was leading and who was getting lapped already! I tried to get a few guys together to make it a bit easier on us but by lap we had three in somewhat of a pace line and we went thru the "turn" guy in front scraped a peddle and I lost my concentration for a split sec, I had to bunny hop the curb at speed and take an alternate route so to speak. Made it back on course just fine but the group had gotten away and I had wasted so much energy trying to chase and pulling off the "move" I was burning up in a hurry. I did about 5 more laps or so and the the dreaded whistle blew again. This time for me. Time to shut it down big boy your just get'n in the way now. Very disappointing.
Now on to Da terminator. This chick can lay it down with a vengeance!!!!!! I believe there was 8 women in the group and I'm sure she passed all but two countless times. The one lady was a former national champ i hear. This gal was a hell of alot crazier than most!! She took a rough crash right on lap one(u guessed it in the "turn") and came back to win!! Tuff as nails I tell ya. After it was all over Janna had finished in third. Very nice young lady.(if ya get a chance ask her about her new fondness for Ben Franklin)

Kevin was also in the men 5 and I was to busy sucking wind to ask him how his race was going so let's hope he isn't to shy and will give out a bit of info....
Kevin has been training hard and will soon be a force to be reckoned with!! Keep it up kid!

Until next time see ya on the road.


nicol said...

Great recap of your race, Aaron! I wish I could've seen the "bunny hop!" :D

Congrats to all three of ya for getting out there in what you said was "the heat of the day."

That is such a great pic. of Janna!!! Yay! :)

da terminator said...

What Aaron forgot to mention is that he almost didn't get to race. Seems he left his helmet in the bathroom at home. He spent so much time getting his hair just right, he totally spaced on his helmet. Luckily, the team helmet was on site and he got it nice and sweaty before I got to wear it for my race. Thanks Aaron, I probably wouldn't have done so well had it not been for a properly warmed up helmet!

VeloCC said...

Yeah, it was the heat of the day and you guys FIRED it up even more:D
I am proud to be part of this.
I was totally spent (fried)today after "guarding" my corner at the crit for 6 hours in the sun.
You guys rock!!

bryan said...

the bunny hop was easily the best save of the day on that corner.

LoupGarou said...

Great job everyone racing and helping out at the event. It was fun, though a little frustrating. Awesome job again Janna. Definitely looking forward to doing better at this course next year.

nicol said...


Vinager (poured on the skin or applied with a cotton ball) takes away the sting of a sunburn. I burn easily and this works for me.

Adrian_O said...

CONGRATS Janna! And thank you guys for making it out there. Keep up the teamwork.

Ho fo sho said...

Congratulations Janna on your podium finish! And way to go Kevin and Aaron! And Christine for the event support!

Thanks for the post Aaron, good thing you practiced wheelies on the trails last year - paid off on that bunny hop apparently.

(Please post more pics if anyone has them)