Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thanks for the ride and QUEST for SOME SHORTS

Guys, I wanted to thank you for a great ride tonight. I had fun and I would love and will do it again:) It just so much more fun to go out in a group and also get that little push to pedal a bit faster than I normally would...yeah, that makes my muscles sing now:) The songs aren't very pretty but I know, they won't do it for long...

Hey, I have a HUGE FAVOR to ask. I joined teamFIRE, after the orders for the shorts were done and I could not get in on that order.
Nicole told me, that some of you ordered to sets of shorts and I was wondering, if one of you would be willing to sell me a pair, so I can go out on my next MTB races with the full kit.

I swear you those shorts and the jersey will make me win the MTB Psycowpath Race Series and hopefully also get me the Nebraska State Championships in the end of August. Plus I have to go down to KS to get my medal for the win of their race series as well:))

Maybe, maybe, I even try myself in a road race or two:))

Anyway, it would be AWESOME, if you could help me out until we get the next order together.

It would be highly appreciated, if one of you could help me get fitted out, so I can shine on the race scene and hold our team name HIGH!!

Ride ON!



Adrian_O said...

Glad you made it to the ride!

gravy said...

I am not short!

BTW- anyone catch what that lady yelled at us heading out on Saltillo Rd?

I'm sure it was some sort of encouragements. :)

"Go Teamfire! You guys rock!"

VeloCC said...

No, you aren't short!
I didn't catch what the lady said...
maybe she was making a comment on your tan lines?:)

Adrian_O said...

I have an extra pair in Large.

Byekin said...

I'd be willing to spare a pair. My second pair I've only worn once. Here's a picture of me in my full TeamFIRE kit that I wore as I rode the Triple Bypass earlier this month. The picture was taken at elevation 11,900 as I crossed the continental divide at Loveland Pass. One rider wanted to know what Nanobugs were since I had them on my butt.

VeloCC said...
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VeloCC said...

This is WONDERFUL! You guys rock:D

Mark, you say, that you worn yours only once, but that was hopefully not the 120 mile

Well, you guys decide. My next MTB race is on the 11th of August.

I can't wait to ride with bugs on my butt:))

Byekin said...

My 2nd pair only have 25 miles on them. Will you be in Lincoln this week?

VeloCC said...

I can come down sometime this week.
I am pretty flexible. Maybe on a night when there is a team ride.
If that would work for you. You can email me: veloccbatgmaildotcom.
I really appreciate you offer:D