Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monkey Wrench Tuesday Ride?

When: Tuesday Nights from the Monkey Wrench
What: The Tuesday Night Crew out to ride on Fats.
Time: 6pm@ the Wrench

Anyone interested?


MG said...

right on! thanks for the shout out. it'd be cool to have new faces on the ride.

i did want to mention that we typically meet at 6pm and roll out right around 6:15. the 5 o'clock hour is pretty hectic for nate and eric, so if we're just going to ride (as opposed to going to buy), we'll stay outta' their hair until closer to the departure time. the shop closes at 6.

hope to see lots of you tuesday. it's gonna' be a great weekend too.


Cornbread said...

Sweet! Gonna be nice to see new faces.

VeloCC said...

That's a very tempting invitation. I wanted to do that ride for a while and ride with my team on FAT tires:D
I will be there.

Corey, are you going to show me your cheese??

VeloCC said...

Is anybody else riding from teamFIRE???

Adrian_O said...

I'll be there.

VeloCC said...

That was fun! Sorry I had to bail, since I didn't bring a light/

gravy said...

I'll plan a Mupper ride sometime soon. Mupper rides are notorious for being held on Friday afternoons, roughly 2:30-3:00 start times. Much more conducive to daylight riding in the wildernest.

Adrian_O said...

2:30 what the frik?!