Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wednesday Night Ride

Due to limited daylight the Wednesday "No Rider Left Behind" teamFIRE ride will resume next spring (2008). In the meantime we ask that you check for upcoming rides and events. Thank you all for making it a great and successful year. In the meantime - get your mt and cross bikes out.


kevin said...

Thanks to the whole teamFIRE crew. You guys are a nice bunch and very welcoming to new riders. Glad I was able to join in on a few Wednesdays. It was a lotta fun and I look forward to next year's rides (maybe even with one of those coveted green jersey's!).

Bob K said...

+1 to Kevin's comment. For a late in life newcomer to road cycling, the Wednesday rides were a great intro to group riding technique, and I am grateful for the "No Rider Left Behind" philosophy. I volunteer next year to be the one who stays back with the slower rider - since that will usually be me, anyway.