Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Racin' in Nebraska...

Who would have thought that after a week of pretty nice weather around here, the first race of the year would be run when it's colder than snot? Oh and the snow was a nice touch, too. If I had planned better I would have brought the dogs out with me and we could have run our own little mini Iditarod. Well...maybe not. One of my two dogs is the clumsiest dog on the face of the earth. (Seriously...she's like a giraffe on roller skates. Every single morning she steps in her food dish and falls flat on her face. Sigh....)

Anyway, Janna and I raced with another cat 4 woman from IA, and Katie and Mark were also there freezing to death with us....THANKS! (Mark - those timing chips were COOL!!!) It was fun, even though there were only three of us. We were given the option of running with the Cat 4 men, but I think if we had waited that long, we would have been frozen solid.

Hope to see you all out there on the road this week!

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Jamieb said...

Glad to hear that you ladies made it out despite the cold. I was out in it too but I was in carharts and not lycra. Hope to see you next weekend in Norfolk.