Friday, April 18, 2008

How Much Stuff Do You Need For A Race?


I loaded up the car this morning to go mix it up with the other Team Rev ladies at the Tour of Hermann in Missouri. There's a time trial and a road race this weekend, so that meant a whole lot of extra crap in the car. I made a list to make sure I kept it all straight:

Jammies (very important!)
TT wheels
Road wheels
Tool Kit
Bananas & race food

Am I missing anything? Nope... or so I thought.

So I stop to gas up the car on the very edge of town, and as I am waiting for it to fill up, I notice that something just doesn't look right. I eyeball a conspicuous vacancy at the top of my car, and realize that I have just left for an out of town bike race with no freakin' bikes. Genius. I went back home to pick up my bikes and drove out, confident that I now actually have everything I need.

By the way, has anyone seen my toothbrush?

More race reports on my blog at as the weekend goes along...


bryan said...

damn, you're smooth. I actually print out a checklist the day before races and don't cross anything off until it's in the car.

good luck!

nicol said...

Ha! That's funny.

Have fun!

Adrian_O said...

Wow - I have forgotten my shoes before but my bike...cripes!

Bob K said...

Now just don't forget that they are up there when you pull back into the garage :)

sydney_b said...

That's hilarious! Good thing you caught the omission early in your trip. Congrats on the 4th place finish on your TT, looking forward to hearing how the RR went today.

Marc said...

Oh my God I just laughed out loud. Better gas mileage, though.

Megan M said...

aren't you glad I share these little gems with you guys??

gravy said...