Friday, April 25, 2008

Iowa City

Two teamFIRE members, Kevin and Janna, are heading to Iowa City to race. I think Sydney and Marc are heading out as well. Check out Sydney's car on her blog!

GOOD LUCK to all the Lincoln people heading east this weekend.


Marc said...

I hope that isn't your race bike.

We'll see about the car. I've got my positives and negatives about it. Only time will tell.

nicol said...

What? I shouldn't have left it tied up outside all winter?

Car: I like it. :) I bet you'll get lots of attention and questions at the gas stations along the way.

Marc said...

Good and bad.

Good: people will recognize cycling ask questions
Bad: It's going to be even harder to leave the bikes unattended and what's inside. Target for all the thieves.

Adrian_O said...

Good luck to all in the race this weekend!