Friday, April 4, 2008

Saturday Ride

When: 1:00 p.m.
Where: Wilderness Perk (14th and Pine Lake strip mall)
Route: Decide on the spot - probably about 30-40 miles - return with the wind
Weather: Warm and quite windy

Check this blog on Saturday by noon for confirmation or cancellation depending on the severity of the wind and how many people let me know they are coming - if we have enough people to take turns fighting the headwind, it might not be too bad. Should be lots of fun coming home with the tailwind. Reply here or send me an email if you are riding.


Martin said...

Maskenthine XC Trail update Psycowpath Race # 1 for 2008!

Jon Downey & Trail steward Todd Jochum rode the Maskenthine XC course on Tuesday afternoon, and even after Mondays rain, they found the quick-drying course nice and tacky! Even with a few sprinkles later in the week the course is expected to be great on Saturday!

Bob K said...

I've only heard back from 1 or 2 riders, but I am still planning on riding today. See you at 1:00 at Wilderness Perk if you want to join us.

Adrian_O said...

I plan on riding.