Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday night ride

WHAT: teamFIRE Cycling "No Rider Left Behind" Ride
WHEN: Tonight @ 6pm
WHERE: S.27th & HWY2 (North bench)


Adrian_O said...

thanks to all that made it out! Megan, Russ, Todd, Rich, Chris, Ned, Warren, Sue, Nicol, Jace, Bob, Kevin w, Jen, Dean, Dennis and that's all the names I could remember. Forgive me if your name didn't appear- I will work on remembering more. The final count was 23!

Bob K said...

Craig, Michael, Nate. Now I can't remember any more either.

Nice ride. Weather sucked, though. Not enough wind.

DK NJ said...

Travis (olive green bike) and George (tri-guy) were also in attendance. Great ride!

nicol said...

I thought of one. Steve.

Adrian_O said...

Thats right! Thanks Bob, Nicol and dk_nj!