Monday, June 16, 2008


Burwell, Nebraska.

I'd want to go on the Tour De Nebraska this year, just to go to this place. I heard rumblings that a few teamFIRE people will be traversing around our state this week. I hope you'll get a reprieve from all the rain we've been experiencing. Be safe and for goodness sake, please wash your lycra nightly.


Bob K said...

Nice pic, Nicol. Can't wait for the pitchfork fondue in Burwell.

And yes, we will do laundry.

Or, at least, I will. You never know about Kevin, though. He was promising to wear his green jersey every day of the tour this year - he may wash it at least once whether it needs it or not.

Check my blog for pics when we return.

frtucker said...

Thanks for the advice, the TDN should be a great experience as long as the rain stays away. I'm praying.