Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July Breakfast Ride

Meet at 6:15am at The Mill ( 8th & P ) downtown and leave at 6:30am sharp. Ride-eat-ride and home by noon. It is approximately 64 miles round trip. All are welcome!

We will take the following route:
- 8th street to Haymarket park bridge
- go around Saltdogs stadium to Oak Lake trail
- Oak lake trail to 1st and West Dawes Ave.
- West Dawes Ave to Cornhusker to NW 12th St.
- NW 12th Street to Kawasaki
- Hwy 34 west to Seward


Adrian_O said...

I am so craving that breakfast.

kevinW said...

Janna's not cooking?

da terminator said...

I would Kevin, but I'm all out of bacon.

gravy said...


(and keep it that way!)

kevinW said...

No bacon or beer in that house?

That is tragic.

Adrian_O said...

I did not know you were a cook Janna. What is your fav. dish?

da terminator said...

My favorite dish is a white plastic cereal bowl with santa claus on it. Santa makes everything taste better.

Adrian_O said...

Why am i not surprised at your goof-ball answer ya goof!?

Bob K said...

So far, the words bacon, beer, and gravy have all appeared on this post. I'm starting to get motivated to go on this ride.