Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mamasitas Ride

Anybody interested in riding out to Mamasitas for some tacos and margaritas Saturday afternoon? I was thinking of leaving from Wilderness Perk around noon - should be great weather. Let me know if you want to go along.


Barry said...

Bob, what time were you thinking? Also, where is mamsitas?

Bob K said...

Probably around noon, although I'm pretty flexible - Mamasitas is in Bennett, so we'd 77 south, then go east through Roca, take the Roca rollers out to Bennett to Mamasitas, then Hiway 2 home.

Bob K said...

Well, enthusiasm for this idea seems somewhat lacking, so I guess we'll try again another time.

I have a lot of yard work to do, anyway, so the bike may have to stay in the garage tomorrow.