Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cyclist:Ride with Phil Keoghan on Friday, April 17

Who in the world is Phil Keoghan, and why is he riding across America? He's best known for hosting the US version of The Amazing Race on CBS since it came out in 2001. Now he's on a triple mission to 1) raise money for multiple sclerosis, 2) promote bicycling, and 3) introduce a new food product called "NOW One Square Meal".

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kew said...

It'd be cool to get some TEAMfire jerseys riding along! I'd do it, but I have a thing at work Friday a.m.

Adrian_O said...

Anyone else?

Ho fo sho said...

Did you know? The Star City Blog is published by TeamFIRE rider Denise Kornbluh.

Let Dennis know about your Lincoln cycling events: dennis(at)starcityblog dot com

I hope to ride Friday morning, weather permitting.

Adrian_O said...

Registration starts at 12noon @ SouthPointe Pavillions.