Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beware of uneven pavement and potholes

We had another great turnout last night for the weekly ride.

Gusty northwest winds sent the group out North on the Rock Island trail and an impromptu tour of the Antelope Valley project.

We hit some of the worst pavement in Lincoln here: and a rider crashed. Kaelly has a possible fractured arm and had to be taken for x-ray's. Thanks to her friend Abby for driving out to pick her up and taking her to Lincare.

We all hope you are o.k. Kaelly and we wish you a speedy recovery.


gravy said...

Heal fast, Kaelly!

Kaelly said...

Yes, I fractured my left arm (luckily I'm right-handed) near the elbow!! But it's not too bad and good news--everything else is perfectly fine!!

I should be back out there in six weeks!!

Thank you to all who helped me out yesterday!! I really appreciated your care and patience!!

kew said...

That's a bummer Kaelly. Well wishes are sent your way. Get well soon!

Bob K said...

Too bad, I hoped it was just a bad bruise. You were in so much pain, though, that I was afraid it might be broken.

Get better soon!

sydney said...

so sorry to hear it, kaelly. ouchie.

jake rhymes with cake said...

this is sad. kaelly is my hero. maybe this will help me to convince her that mountain biking is WAY more safe and a lot more fun (especially when you crash - LOL!).

c_c_rider said...

heal up fast kaelly.

word of advice for the group: when you guys decide to head north, it is NOT a good idea trying to take a whole group back through the middle of town on the trail, especially with all the construction going on. it's much safer to just head west, like out to pioneer's park and then out on w van dorn and then go north, to emerald, malcom or branched oak. that way you'll get in more miles too.