Sunday, August 27, 2006

Murdock Race

With "The 3rd Annual Elmwood-Murdock Road Race" on Saturday, Sept 9th drawing near, I was curious if people wanted to head out there someday next weekend to preview the course. Saturday probably isn't the best day as it's the Husker home opener, so I'd propose Sunday, although if people would rather go Monday (Labor Day), I'd be OK with that as well. I'd be willing to drive and have a 3-bike car rack. I hope this message gets out, because it's the only way I have to communicate with anyone on the squad (except Adrian). Hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow night at the Monday Night Ride.

The (Cat 5) race is scheduled to start at 9:12, and the Huskers are set to kick off at 1230PM according to Also on Sunday the 10th there is a Grand Prix at Branched Oak Lake, was anyone considering doing this as well?


monkeygirl said...

Hey my boy emory is doing the elmwood 15/16 boys, and I would like him to see the course, I am also willing to drive, and I too can carry three bikes. plus I can sweep if you want or carry water. just keep talking about here, I check here often. or email adrian for my email.

Byekin said...

I'll be at a wedding during the Murdock race but am up for riding the course this weekend.