Sunday, August 12, 2007

Psycowpath Masquetine XC

I went to Norfolk to save my point standings in the Psycowpath Series and I did make it on the podium in 2nd place. Jamie Bachman from the Elkhorn Valley Club was FAST and I couldn't reach her. (She knew the trail a bit better and that might have helped)
A few of you also know, that I wasn't 100% for the last few weeks, so getting out there in the HEAT to race was a huge effort for me and I am happy about the result.
With only one race left, I am leading now with 128 points, 44 points ahead of Stephanie Spearman, who is second right now.
That means, with only one race left, I can't be reached anymore in the overall standing:D
But we know more on the 25th of August at the last race!!

Like my knew kit?
Sorry for not zipping up. Temps in the high 90ies make you forget about proper attire.
Thanks to Byekin for giving up his short for me
and thanks Nicole, for loaning me your jersey.


Byekin said...

Congrats! Did the nanobugs on your butt get you moving faster?

VeloCC said...

They did! Whenever I slowed down, they bit me in the butt and made me pedal harder, despite my HR being over the 180 mark...
nanobugs are great:)