Monday, August 6, 2007

Upcoming Events.

Christine (veloCC) has a mtb. race this weekend. Best wishes!

Good luck to Janna, Kelly and Sydney at the Tour of KC! (The) Aaron, are you doing this one? Byekin? Emory? Kevin? Anybody else?

Also, Katie Cords, a new teamFIRE member, is doing a biathlon (running and cycling) this weekend. Hope it goes well for you.


Byekin said...

Katie, you must be doing the Columbus biathlon correct? If it is still the same format as when I did it, you run first and bike second then you're done which means you can hammer on the bike since you don't have to save your legs for a second run. Good luck!

Adrian_O said...

Good luck Janna, Kelly, Katie (teamFIRE)and Sydney (team Revolution)! You gals will do great!

VeloCC said...

Good luck everyone!

I hope we all won't melt out there...

Again, I am glad to MTB, at least some trees and shade around.