Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From "Folks From Lincoln"...all interested please respond

Wilderness Dirt Work Round Two

Hope the holiday found you in good company surrounded by lv:)

Sat. Dec 1st, 10am at 1st and Old Cheney sounded like it works for the most people. So far Steve, MG, Butch, Katie, corey,and Sydney were available.
Can you let me know whom else can join us? Nuts and berries and hot and cold water will keep us energizedand warm.

Steve has offered his Toyota. If there are enough of us and another vehicle (4 wheeler w/wagon, truck) we can tackle 2 spots. Kevin mentioned the area under the bridge on the biker side. agreed, it is a crash zone. The people side got filled in by Parks and Rec. Parks and Recs didn't know about the biker side. There are also spots on the same path we fixed the other week that need help and of course filling in the trail.

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