Friday, March 23, 2007

Good Luck to LT & UNL Cycling Club

Good luck to LT Grant (YHVH/teamFIRE) and the UNL Cycling Club. LT will be riding under the UNL cycling team in Lawrence, Kansas tomorrow. Good luck you guys!

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LT said...

A report after day 1 (and my only day).

The race was held on some back roads near Lawrence, KS. All the roads were a little bumpy, but there were a few very rough spots, most of which occurred near 90 degree turns (and one after a steep downhill). But they were all marked well and the volunteers did a great job.

In the Cat B Race (Probably about Cat 4&5) the race was 3 laps of the 10 mile circuit. After the first 1/3 of lap 1, the pace was slow, I got antsy, and moved up to the front of the pack and picked up the pace on some short hills. This turned out to be a dumb choice. Later on in lap 1, after the aforementioned post hill 90 turn, most of the pack moved by, which was OK, however I couldn't catch on a wheel, and proceeded to get dropped by the pack.

Despite being ~25 seconds down after lap 1, and riding into a fierce headwind, I battled back up to the main pack. Then as we hit the first short hill, I went to shift down, and I dropped my chain. By the time I got it back on via soft pedaling, the group was 10 seconds further up the hill and I was toast from my earlier effort. I ended up 24/36.

Justin led the way in the Cat B race with a strong 11th place in his first race. In Cat A Tommy was 16th and Chet was 18th (although I'm not sure if those #s are right).

The crit is tomorrow morning, and I'll post once I hear how that goes for the Big Red Riding Machine.